Questions & Answers

Attending a Supper Club is a new experience for many of our quests so it's very likely that before booking you might have a few questions. We will try to answer them here.

Our main purpose in running the Eclectic Kitchen is to bring people together for a great evening, where you will be offered excellent food and the chance to meet new people. We are not a restaurant, if we were we would be charging a lot more - in fact charges are calculated purely to cover the cost of buying all the ingredients. We want all our quests to enjoy themselves but for that to happen we need to offer some simple guidelines to avoid misunderstandings or confusion.



This is not a normal restaurant, the front of house is my husband Steve who will be polite and helpful and will expect the same courtesy in return. If you need something please feel free to ask he will do his best to attend to your needs, but remember it will be just the two of us cooking and serving.



Please bring your own drinks, including any soft drinks you require. I do not have a licence so make sure you bring enough alcohol to see you through the evening, remember as you bring your own sharing will not be an option, unless, of course, someone is feeling generous. Furthermore I cannot wait whilst someone nips out for more



Please turn up on time, arriving late will be tiresome for guests already here and arriving early you are likely to find me covered in flour and not looking as calm and serene as I would have liked.

The evening will be planned for you to arrive at 7:30pm for canapés and drinks, with the first course being served at 8:00pm; as all our guests eat the same menu at the same time arriving late will mean your potentially missing the earlier courses served, as we will need to proceed with those guests arriving on time. You should plan to leave on or around 11:00pm.

Dress Code

dress code

Easy, there isn’t one. If you want to dress up, please do so, likewise jeans are fine. I would however draw the line at fancy dress costumes, unless it’s a themed night for all



I am not vegetarian or vegan, so most of my food will include meat and fish. I will be able to cater for some allergies, whilst always cooked on the evening; my meals are planned, catered and prepared for in advance, so early notice is essential.

Complaints or Compliments

Complaints is a tricky situation as you are a ‘paying guest’. If you have a complaint, let Steve know immediately or if you prefer the next day via email. We would be mortified if you have a problem and didn’t let us know. We are aiming for you to have a great night out, so any feedback is encouraged to help us improve and achieve that goal. Likewise with compliments, they will not only make us feel good, but help in our future evenings


There is plenty of parking on the drive or directly outside our house.

No Smoking

Sorry, but there’s no smoking on the premises or within the grounds.

If you have any questions we haven't covered or would like to find out how to make a booking click the buttons below.

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