Supper Clubs

For more information on supper clubs in general why not visit Kerstin Rodgers web site?

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She is one of the pioneers of supper clubs in the UK. Her website details supper club etiquette for hosts and guests. You can also find my details, events, dates and menu.


The Eclectic Cook

Hi my name is Wendy Walker and welcome to The Eclectic Kitchen. I am not a chef more of an excellent home cook, I love everything about food from eating it to cooking it. To me there is nothing better than seeing happy faces around a dinner table knowing that I helped create those smiles.

I’ve always enjoyed cooking and my first experience was at Primary school aged 6 ‘cooking’ peppermint creams and coconut ice for the local fete. I cook all our family meals from scratch; I love blending my own spices and never use ‘convenient’ short cuts.

My new kitchen is my pride and joy. This is how my supper club began, I love cooking but my old kitchen was cluttered and definitely not user friendly. Pottering around my new kitchen is heavenly and creating my supper club gives me the excuse to spend even more time cooking.

Meet my Team.


Front of house is my husband Steve; he will be your waiter and the person who will look after you. He is also my right hand man or Sous-chef (aka washer upper) and selects the music to create a relaxing high quality ambiance from his own eclectic mix, not your usual restaurant.

Oscar and Tiger.

Meet Oscar and Tiger the resident Ragdolls. You probably won’t meet these two as they will be chilling in the lounge. I know some people are allergic to cats (Steve is one of them) but we have professional cleaners who take care of all the fluff. The kitchen is a no go zone and they are definitely not allowed on my new granite work top.

I have a recognised level 2 certificate in Food Safety and Catering approved by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) and CPD certified. I have third party liability insurance covering our guests and have registered with North Somerset Council Food Standards Agency. For safety I have a fire extinguisher, fire blanket and first aid kit.